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, we are going to break this game down, xs and os with jeremy newberry and former raider coach jon gruden. we'll go one on one as we prepare for kickoff for monday night football coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> good evening from candlestick park. we are 18 minutes from kingoff between the bears and 49 -- from kickoff between the bears and 49ers of the hello, i'm dennis o'donnell. at 10:30 a.m. the 49ers sent out a statement declaring that alex smith is out of tonight's game against chicago after being evaluated by the team's medical director. smith suffered a concussion last week against the rams and seemed to respond well. he was at practice on wednesday wearing a black jersey. the bottom line is that colin kaepernick is the starter. jay cutler also suffered a concussion in last week's game against houston. he was replaced by former raiders starter jason campbell so backup quarterbacks played solid last week. kaepernick scored a rushing touchdown but campbell is no slouch. he was 10-5 against the raiders brought in as strong insurance and tonight the bears are cashing in. >> the re
best video of the day hands down. this is a home makeover. jeremy took one of the rooms in his house and made it into a house that a hobbit would live in using nothing but balloons. it took them three days and about 2600 balloons. first day, 15 hours, 1300 balloons. check out what he does in day two. 14 hours of work, 600 balloons third day. 11 hours, 700 more balloons to create the hearth, chairs, everything. it's phenomenal what he was able to do with balloons. he's known as the balloon guy. look at this room transformation in super high speed. >> oh, my gosh. >> an on theman, utensils to stoke the fire. >> a balloon fire. >> balloon apples. >> balloon chairs you can sit on. he formed the balloons around actual chairs. >> one of my favorite part you can see the kids going in tearing it apart. i needed to know more about it to write the guy. we've got jeremy and his family. jeremy, what gave you this idea, this huge undertaking? >> i've always been a fan since junior high. i've been doing balloons for a while. the two mixed well. we had to move out couches and basically anything tha
able staff, jeremy, for working with us. we appreciate the changes you have made in the resolution. i just want to assure everyone that's here that we take privacy very seriously both on the clipper card and on fast track that we also operate at the commission and your attention to it kind of keeps us honest, too. we're not perfect, we need to review these things. you have a lot of good suggestions that we're certainly going it take under consideration. one specific outcome in this subject is the commission is expected to get some recommendations with us with respect to how long we keep information on closed accounts. it was set many years ago probably on business and financial reasons, not really thinking about the privacy part, so we're certainly going to bring that back to the commission as a direct result of your interest in this subject and you have a lot of other good suggestions here as well. i can answer specific questions about why clipper works the way it does with respect to the information we keep on the card, the transactions, which mostly have to do with the fact we w
a request by lawyers for accused attacker jeremy hammond to release the prison activist and be under house arrest. he's accused of being a member of the group anonymous and has been charged with hacking into the computers of the private intelligence firm stratfor are. the whistleblowing website wikileaks has continued to release the stratfor documents, which number in the billions. supporters say the documents shed light on how the private intelligence firm onagers activists and spies for corporate clients. jeremy hammond has been held without bail or to offer more than eight months. this lawyers argued tuesday the accused hacker would be unable to review the troves of digitize evidence related to the case from jail, but their request for his release was denied. jeremy hammond's supporters defended his actions. >> the media calls germy a hacker and member of anonymous. the courts call him a criminal. we call jeremy a hero and we ask, what crimes has jeremy committed that have equal expose the crimes committed by the very state prosecuting him? again we say, exposing the crimes of the state
. from gaza, jeremy bowen reports. a warning, you might find some of these images distressing. >> because i came back to life after the cease-fire began. -- gaza came back to life after the cease-fire began. coming to another israeli bombing campaign felt like another victory. this was the hamas interior ministry. governing with or without a cease-fire will be harder with the main administrative center ron. in jerusalem tonight, is real hint that more military action if the new cease-fire does not hold. >> i know there are citizens expecting a more severe military action, and perhaps we will need to do so but at this time, the right thing for the state of israel is to use this opportunity to achieve a lasting cease-fire. >> an attack on a bus in tel aviv was praised by hamas, but not claimed by them. both sides wanted this deal. all this, and rockets hit in the city from gaza and has dented a sense of security. a ceasefire will not necessarily bring israel could not have kept them from invading much longer. its allies did not want a ground war and with elections they decided enough for no
the president vizzed volunteers and called an voters. >> for days republican volunteers like jeremy bosco has visited the suburbs to make sure romney backers vote. >> i'll be there tuesday morning. >> thank you so much. >> jeremy knows ohio is must win for romney. >> do you figure if i do a great job here, now, in this county in ohio, i could get my guy to the white house? >> in a small way, yes. >> ohio early voting has been busy but republican poll watchers could challenge the balance. >> if you have a tight race in the state of ohio, you could have a decision we won't know the results of for about two weeks. >> with no time to worry about that, president obama went to iowa. mitt romney to new hampshire, campaigning into the night. in a surprise move the romney campaign announced he'll come back to ohio, to cleveland, and pennsylvania tomorrow. for one last push on election day. from cincinnati, ohio, ooem steve handelsman, news 4. >> volunteers are ready. eric gonzalez with last minute prop rations across the area and what you can do to avoid spending hours in line. >> well, one of the thi
in for a touchdown. 14-3 at the half. here's jeremy hill with his touchdown to make it 14-10. then a 90-yard drive ending with this perfectly executed pass from mettenberger to landry. >> gary: you saw a brief signal from mettenberger. he could have gotten flagged for that. we have seen that before. >> verne: he was just -- i know i know. >> gary: i would be concentrating. you have a chance to win the national championship. >> verne: hairston will kickoff. christion jones one of the 2 deep men. short kick. the 18 yardline. that's dickson the linebacker who did not expect to be returning the kickoff. let's go to the studio for the heisman watch with adam zucker. >> adam: thanks. dickson probably won't win the heisman but barner a school record, 321 yards as oregon beats usc 62-ppo. -- 62-51. and murray with 4 touchdowns and taj boyd with 5 and also ran for 1. >> verne: 17-14 here. >> gary: 3 series. 3 and out, 3 and out and a fumble. >> verne: in this half. mccarron. batted down. logan number 18. >> gary: sooner or later to win a championship, your quarterback has to come through. mcleroy did it. d
of the varsity football team jeremy winters is believed to have -- what's that? yes, i am getting confirmation! he totally (bleep) tammy blankenship under the bleachers. what's that? marsha says so as well? that's two sources. (laughter) by the way, we haven't even got on the the most amazing fact about these flirtatious e-mails. >> the f.b.i. has turned over 20,000 to 30,000 pages of documents found during the probe. many are e-mails between allen and kelley sent over the last two years. >> 30,000 pages of e-mails? i can understand that if stephen king and george r.r. martin were having an affair. (laughter) those are some prolific mother (bleep)ers. (laughter) but there's a fine line between seduction and spamming someone. (laughter) i don't think i've got than many e-mails ever and i was on the obama campaign mailing list. so okay the general, his biographer, his successor, and his former deputy have all been caught in big sexy time scandal. but that's it! revelation wise, where's the hunt? >> further complicating the case: officials say the f.b.i. agent who first launched the investigation
. >> i would like you to meet two street artists. this is linda and jeremy. >> night said to me to print them -- nice to meet you. >> can you talk to me about a variety of products that use cell? >> we have these lovely constructed platters. we make these wonderful powder bowls. they can have a lot of color. >> york also using your license. -- you are also using your license. >> this means that i can register with the city. this makes sure that our family participated in making all of these. >> this comes by licensed artists. the person selling it is the person that made it. there is nothing better than the people that made it. >> i would like you to meet michael johnson. he has been in the program for over 8 years. >> nice to me you. what inspired your photography? >> i am inspired everything that i see. the greatest thing about being a photographer is being able to show other people what i see. i have mostly worked in cuba and work that i shot here in san francisco. >> what is it about being a street artist that you particularly like? >> i liked it to the first day that i did it. i lik
of finance jeremy siegel and trusted american businessman steve forbes. both onset and ready to start this discussion at 6:00. first, though, andrew has a few of the top business headlines. >>> let's talk about some of the headlines this morning. cisco systems buying cloud network start up meraki for $1.2 billion in cash. it was founded in 2006 by members of m.i.t.'s laboratory for computer science. joe, i don't know if you take credit for any of that. bp plans to spend up to $5.9 billion buying back stock. last week the oil giant agreed to pay record criminal penalties over the deepwater horizon disaster. and americans are carrying more credit card debt and being less diligent about making on time payments. trans union now reporting that average credit card debt for borrowers grew 4.9% in the third quarter and meantime the rate of credit card payments at least 93 days overdue rose slightly to three quarters of a percent. this is still a historically low level suggesting most card holders prioritize card payments over other financial obligations such as a mortgage. and attention twink
and jeremy stevens were married tuesday, the same day they appeared in court in a domestic violence case. police had detained stevens monday for a suspected assault at solo's suburban home. he was released when the judge ruled there was insufficient evidence. the couple had been dating for about two months. >>> and you may be getting excited for thanksgiving, but these turkeys have declared all out war. one commuter in connecticut caught these wild turkeys bringing traffic to a halt, gobbling, even pecking at his car. the turkeys have been turning up every morning for the last few weeks, and the thanksgiving feast coming, they're not backing down. turkeys win in this case. it is 9:04 right now. let's go back to al with a check of the weather. hey, al. >> you want a piece of me? let's take a look, see what you got for you as far as your weather's concerned. for today, we've got wet weather down along the southeastern atlantic coast, the carolinas looking at wet stuff. basically a beautiful day here in the northeast, though going to be a little on the chilly side. some fog in the pacific n
and he hits it -- already. let's do one more. jeremy, are you ready? take a swing. and the pitch to affeldt. and the pitch -- swing and a miss. [laughter] >> hey, no, we will do it this time. do you trust me? come on, seriously. come on. all right. we're going to do it anyway. are you ready? and the pitch to affeldt. he hits it high. he hits it deep and he hits it -- >> audience: out of here. >> now, this has to be louder because we're eliminating cities and teams. are you ready? they were supposed to be better than us after a bunch of trades. the los angeles dodgers are -- all right. the giants. they're down to two games of cincinnati. they win three straight. the reds are? >> audience: out of here! >> it has to be louder for the next two. are you ready? the giants go to st. louis and need to win there and back home. the st. louis cardinals are? >> audience: out of here! >> now for the big one. the mighty american league detroit tigers. you ready? the detroit tigers -- they are? audience: out of here! >> you never disappoint. here is my partner mike. >> w
. germ -- jeremy a felt. >> another great guy santiago castilla. >> wherever this guys goes championships seem to follow, a key man in the bull pen against this here, number 49, javier lopez. [cheers and applause] >> another one of brian saibian's great season moves picking up this left hander. jose mijares. >> literally he was unhittable in the world series and the post season. sergio romo. [cheers and applause] >> hard to describe what a job this next guy did. he became the giants' ultimate weapons in the playoffs in the world series, tim lincecum. [cheers and applause] >> and adding to the bull pen veteran guillermo mota. >> a pitcher who made the debut with the giants this year jean machi. >> this guy was acquired from the yankees at the end of spring training and he was so good and forced himself on to the
-- parting gift, he received a $2 billion buy-out. angel pagan and jeremy hafelt, the giants want to resign them. the offer would be for at least $13.3 million for one year, they're not going to do that. so giants fans, if you're a fan of afelkt and pagan, they're going to do it under their own timetable. >>> i'll give matt cain credit that he bought for his teammates 25 bottles of crown royal xr. that's a very smth-blended -- smooth-blended canadian whiskey. and jacky is laughing. it amazes me though when -- it's 11:24. when you hear a guy, we love you! we couldn't have done it without you! we love northern california! let's get out of here so we don't have to pay state tax. within 24 hours! [ laughter ] >> i was doing some minor complaining. a lot of schools have to readjust their halloween parties. even my kids. so you do the thing, and then these guys, no, if we waited till thursday, these guys would have all left town. >> well, not necessarily! >> okay, so they just lied to me. that's why they do it! these guys have to -- not have to, but in their defense, you've been working for 6
and strike out the best hitters they had to over. germ -- jeremy a felt. >> another great guy
is a different statement. we have to be mindful. one thing i wanted to say about jeremy pose a question was, there are quite a few very good people in san francisco to go to if you want to legalize something that had been done without a permit in the past, or you want to get a permit for every model that was done or a bathroom that was added downstairs without a permit, and you feel like your uncle maybe was -- may have done it properly. oftentimes, it is no big deal. it is a good thing to do. there are many companies that specialize in doing just that. you can do that. it depends on your goal. if your goal is to sell the property or to avoid neighbor complete -- there could be two different goals with two different results, choices about how you go about taking care of the bathroom that you built in the basement without a permit, or you might do nothing. that may be ok, too. >> the question was focused related to value. >> ok. the hypothetical of a kitchen remodel, high-end to remodel that was done without the benefit of permit. what percentage of value are they leaving on the table by sel
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 278 (some duplicates have been removed)